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Intermediate Handgun Course

Intermediate Handgun Course

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IMPORTANT: Training Program Information

Tactical handling of your firearm.

Training includes a class and live fire. At Marc-On Shooting, we offer an Intermediate Handgun course. This class is taught by highly qualified instructors that have had years of training and are proficient in the instruction and handling of handguns in defensive situations. Training includes a class and live fire. 



  • Bring your carry guns, 2-3 magazines, and a magazine holding device (mag pouch or the like, only one needed)
  • 100+ rounds of brass-cased ammunition (available in the shop)
  • Must have a basic understanding of marksmanship and gun manipulation: loading, unloading, clearing stoppages

This Class Will Cover:

             Weapons Positions:

    • High Compressed Ready                     
    • Workspace
    • Full Extension
       Firearms Maniplation:
    • Loading                     
    • Unloading
    • Clearing Stoppages
    • Speed Reload

Cost: $75 per person, plus tax and ammunition

Prerequisites: Basic Handgun Course

Class Length: 2-3 hours

Class is suitable for ages 18 and up