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Marc-On Shooting Training Roadmap


  1. Basic Handgun Course
    • Safety and safe gun handling
    • Different handguns and their parts
    • Proper firearm handling
      • Loading, unloading
      • Malfunction clearing (jams)
      • Clearing and checking if a firearm is clear
      • Transporting
    • The seven fundamentals of pistol marksmanship
    • 50 rounds of live fire to build skills
    • Goal: Provides you with the skills to be a confident, safe shooter.
  1.  Ladies Only Basic Handgun Course
    • Learn all of the Basic Handgun material in a ladies-only environment
    • Gain knowledge from our top-level Female Instructors
    • Class is taught about the issues that affect lady shooters, specifically
    • Ask questions to Female Instructors who have carried concealed and shot for years
    • Goal: Start your journey to gun mastery in a lady-friendly environment
  1.  Intermediate Handgun Course
    • Tactical handling of your weapon
    • Weapons manipulations
    • Weapons positions
    • 100 rounds of live fire to hone fundamentals and learn weapons manipulations
    • Goal: better prepare you for the Defensive Series courses
  1. Defensive Handgun Level 1 (DH1)
    • The class covers combative mindset, situational awareness, and tactical employment of your EDC (Every Day Carry) equipment
    • The shooting portion is designed for your Carry Gun, not your race gun
    • Simple, realistic drills that will challenge your skills
    • 150 rounds of live-fire training to learn better how to draw from the holster efficiently
    • Goal: Train you for a realistic defensive engagement with what you carry every day
    • Prerequisite: Intermediate Handgun
  1.  Defensive Handgun Level 2 (DH2)
    • The class covers O.O.D.A Loop — a process where your mind perceives and uses information and how it relates to a critical event.
    • The shooting portion adds movement to your skill set, to move to cover and make yourself a more challenging target
    • Moving off the “X,” shooting on the move, shooting around cover
    • DH1 is a requirement for this class
    • 200 rounds of live fire to hone your ability to function in a changing, dynamic event
    • Goal: add movement to your skill set for a force multiplier when you need it most
    • Prerequisite: Defensive Handgun Level 1
  1. Defensive Handgun Level 3 (DH3) ***By Request Only***
    • The class covers human night vision and how to use it in everyday life
    • The shooting portion will teach you how to manipulate a tactical handheld flashlight in unison with your carry weapon
    • Shooting is done from the holster, on the move, around barriers, and in complete darkness
    • 200 rounds of live fire to show you how to thrive in the element of darkness
    • Goal: teach you how to use your EDC to best survive in the dark
    • Prerequisite: Defensive Handgun Level 2


  1. Situational Awareness
    • Learn situation awareness
    • Observe and act before it’s too late
    • Learn common tactics used by criminals
    • Non-live fire
    • Goal: Gain knowledge of easy ways to be a hard target
  1.  New Gun-owner Seminar
    • Learn how to disassemble, clean, and assemble YOUR gun
    • All training is done with your privately owned weapon
    • Ask ALL of the questions you might not otherwise be comfortable asking: that’s why we made this class!
    • Goal: Gain skills and comfort with your new gun.


  1. Fundamentals Skills Clinic
    • Took Basic Handgun Course but could benefit from a tune-up.
    • A quick review of the safety and the fundamentals.
    • 50 rounds of live fire drills to fine-tune your skills.
    • Prerequisite: Basic Handgun
  1.  Defensive Skills Clinic
    • Want more drills after DH1?
    • A quick review of holster technique and safety
    • Live-fire drills to hone your draw skills
    • Students will get individual critiques to better their abilities
    • Students doing well will be challenged to their abilities
    • 100 rounds of live-fire drills to fine-tune your defensive skills
    • DSC suggested for anyone whose taken DH1, DH2, or DH3
    • Prerequisite: Defensive Handgun Level 1

*Important: Please purchase your seat in your preferred class/course as early as possible. Some courses have a maximum of 6 or 8 students, while other courses allow more. If a class/course does not have any students enrolled 24 hours prior to the class/course, that class/course will be removed completely. This allows for proper planning of instructor staff and logistics involved with the class. Thank you


 Happy Training!