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WI Only Concealed Carry Class Marc-On Shooting

WI Only Concealed Carry Class (CCW)

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Empower yourself with Marc-on Shooting's premier Wisconsin Concealed Carry class. Our expert instructors ensure you gain the skills, confidence, and safety know-how to handle your firearm with proficiency. Get ready to secure your WI CCW with us.

IMPORTANT: Training Program Information

At Marc-on Shooting, we provide the Wisconsin Concealed Carry class, which is taught by highly qualified instructors. Our instructors consist of men and women who are or were in the law enforcement field, personal security defense, highly trained civilians, and SOCUM Special operators with years of firearms training.

If you are considering buying a handgun or already have one and are looking for expert training and obtaining the Wisconsin Concealed Permit…let Marc-On Shooting help you achieve the training you would need to obtain the CCW. We will teach you to become safe, skilled, and confident in handling your new firearm. This is a 3-4 hour class with instruction on:

  • Safety of handgun ownership
  • Range safety
  • Availability of various handguns and instruction on how they operate.
  • Grip, stance, trigger pull
  • Handgun handling, loading, and unloading (using dummy rounds)
  • Concealed Carry options
  • Different types of holsters are available
  • Storage and cleaning
  • Mental preparation for handgun ownership
  • What if’s
  • Personal protection options
  • You will receive all the paperwork, a class certificate that is needed, and the instructions on what to do with all this information

** There is no shooting involved in the class**

Gear Needed

  • Valid driver's license, proof of ID
  • A positive attitude and a willingness to learn all you can to be a responsible handgun owner.