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Multi-State CCW Class Marc-On Shooting

Multi-State CCW Class (WI, MN)

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With Marc-On Shooting's expert instruction, obtain your Multi-State Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permits in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Our comprehensive training is led by highly qualified CCW instructors, emphasizing gun safety and defensive shooting skills, ensuring you're well-prepared to carry confidently.

IMPORTANT: Training Program Information


In this class, you will learn:

  • Safety of handgun ownership
  • Range safety
  • Availability of various handguns and instruction on how they operate.
  • Grip, Stance, Trigger pull.
  • Handgun handling, loading, and unloading (using dummy rounds)
  • Concealed Carry options
  • Different types of holsters are available
  • Storage and Cleaning
  • Mental preparation for handgun ownership
  • Personal Protection option
  • We will be shooting 50 rounds
  • The class is a minimum of six hours, including range time. 


      *Equipment Needed:

      You will need 50 rounds of BRASS CASED ammunition, eyes, and ears, and a handgun. A firearm can be rented upon request. The handgun rental would be $20, and the box of ammunition would be separate as well; one box of 9 mm is $18, and one box of 40 caliber is $26 (Understand that these prices are subject to change and may not reflect the current pricing on ammunition. Please do not argue with staff if you come in for this class and have to invest more money due to the increased costs associated with the increase in ammunition that our community is currently dealing with).

      To Qualify:
      Each shooter MUST impact the target at the designated distances below in the following manner:

      • 90% of the impacts (45 bullets) must be within (or touching) the black ring on the target. The remaining 10% (5 bullets) need to be on paper. This must be accomplished to receive your certificate of completion.

      If you are taking a class to carry a firearm, especially for protection, you should be proficient enough to impact your intended target. The distances are well within the imminent danger zone and are realistic for confrontation.


      • 10 feet
      • 15 feet

      If you cannot/did not qualify at the time of the class, you should pursue remediation to increase your abilities, whether with us or an outside source. We prefer you return to us for remediation; however, it is not required. Our standards are set to feel confident that our students are well-educated with the tools they may need to save their lives.

      If you do not qualify, please refrain from arguing with your instructor(s). This standard is for everyone and, once again, is to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you if you have to use your firearm in defense of your life. Having you come back to qualify is not a profit-ploy; it's a quality foundation because we take great pride in our training program and the appropriate requirements we set forth for each student.

      If you need help hitting the target, we encourage you to schedule a private to increase your proficiency. Please know that a PRIVATE may use 50 rounds, but that does not count as a qualification. You would need to show, without coaching (at the time), that you can impact the target as specified above.

      A viable solution is to attend the Basic Pistol Level 1 course, which will teach you the proper fundamentals of a pistol. Participants could use that qualification shoot as their qualification for the Multi-state CCW requalification (per standards of that CCW course: 45 bullets impacting black circle and/or inside the circle AND 100% impacts on the target).

      *Minnesota License

      This will meet all the requirements for Wisconsin residents to carry in Minnesota; however, you will have to obtain your license in Minnesota.

      Each participant needs to understand that anyone/everyone who attends the Multi-state CCW course will HAVE TO PASS the required shooting qualification course of fire after the course before being awarded a certificate of successful completion.

      Before taking this course, it is imperative to have a FIRM understanding and practical proficiency in utilizing the proper fundamentals of marksmanship. Failure to qualify or safely handle their firearm competently while on the range will immediately result in the student/participant's removal. There will NOT be an argument on the range. A discussion will happily occur inside the back of the classroom or in private once the range is clear.

      Having a CCW permit DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GUNFIGHTER!!!

      It is so essential to understand the following facts:

      • If you think you are prepared for a life-threatening/deadly encounter because you have your CCW permit, you will be sadly surprised.
      • If you believe you 'know how a gun works' and are aptly prepared to use it in a high-stress/high-risk situation, you will be painfully surprised.
      • If you believe you can figure out what to do when the deadly situation presents itself and have had none/minimal defensive training with a firearm, your next of kin will have a sad surprise.
      • If you think you are adequately prepared because you have spent time in the military, security, etc., you may be painfully disappointed.
      • If you think you are prepared for a deadly encounter because you have spent much of your life hunting, you will be unpleasantly surprised.

      Moral of the story: If you do not train for defensive situations adequately and practice what you are taught, you will not figure it out when the situation presents itself.

      Pursue proper training within training classes and specific courses of fire that can incrementally increase your skills and abilities, which can ACTUALLY be applied/utilized in real-world situations.

      Gain the education and practice to increase your skills. Put in the necessary time and energy at home, without ammunition, to get the needed actions embedded deep into your being. 

      Following the above recommendations may not guarantee you are FULLY prepared for EVERY scenario, but it will increase the odds of survival exponentially!

      It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

      VITAL: The clinic/class begins on time. Late arrivals will not be allowed access to the clinic/class and will be deferred to another scheduled class/clinic. Emergencies/problems occur, and arrivals past a certain point (for some classes) will lose vital information and could result in injury or worse, depending on the class/information. Please plan accordingly to arrive early (especially if you have to rent a firearm for a specific class or course).