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Marc-On Shooting Training Roadmap

Marc-On Shooting Training Roadmap

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Marc-On Shooting Training Roadmap                  

1. Basic Handgun Course
a. Safety and safe gun handling
b. Different handguns and their parts
c. Proper firearm handling
 i. Loading and unloading
 ii. Malfunction clearing (jams)
iii. Clearing and checking if a firearm is clear
iv. Transporting
d. The 7 fundamentals of pistol marksmanship
e. 50 rounds of live-fire to build skills
f. Prerequisites: None
g. Goal: Provides you with the skills to be a confidant, safe shooter.
a. Tactical handling of your weapon
b. Weapons manipulations
c. Weapons positions
d. 100 rounds of live-fire to hone fundamentals and learn weapons manipulations
e. Prerequisites: Basic Handgun Course
f. Goal: To better prepare you for the Defensive Series Courses
a. Class covers combative mindset, situational awareness, and tactical employment of your EDC (Every Day Carry) equipment
b. Shooting portion is designed for your Carry Gun, not your race gun
c. Simple, realistic drills that will challenge your skills
d. 150 rounds of live-fire training to better learn how to efficiently draw from the holster
e. Prerequisites: Intermediate Handgun Course (new or old curriculum). It is highly recommended to take the defensive skills clinic if you took our old Intermediate Pistol course.
f. Goal: Train you for a realistic defensive engagement with what you carry everyday
4. Defensive Handgun, Level 2
a. Class covers O.O.D.A. Loop, a process describing how your mind perceives and uses information, and how it relates to a critical event
b. Shooting portion adds movement to your skill set, to move to cover and make yourself a harder target
c. Moving off the "X", shooting on the move, shooting around cover
d. Defensive Handgun Level 1 is a requirement for this class.
e. 200 rounds of live-fire to hone your ability to function in a changing, dynamic event
f. Prerequisites: Intermediate Handgun and Defensive Handgun Level 1
g. Goal: Add movement to your skill set for a force multiplier when you need it most
5. Defensive Handgun, Level 3
a. Class covers human night vision and how to use if in everyday life
b. Shooting portion will teach you how to manipulate a tactical handheld flashlight in unison with you carry weapon
c. Drills are done in the dark and will challenge your abilities to function your weapon
d. Shooting is done from the holster, on the move, around barriers, and in complete darkness
e. 200 rounds of live-fire to show you how to thrive in the element of darkness
f. Defensive Handgun Level 2 is a requirement for this course
g. Prerequisites: Intermediate Handgun, Defensive Handgun Level 1 and Defensive Handgun Level 2
h. Goal: Teach you how to use your EDC to best survive in the dark
a. We know that when seconds count, help is minutes away
b. Learn how to identify a life-threatening bleed
c. Learn how to apply proper direct pressure, wound pack, and a tourniquet
d. Learn how to save a life after a critical event
e. No live fire
f. Prerequisite: None
g. Goal: Learn to save someone from a life-threatening bleed in the aftermath of a critical event

Skills Clinics: Refreshing and Tuning Skills Learned
1. Fundamental Skills Clinic
a. Took Basic Handgun Course but could use a tune-up?
b. A quick review of safety and the fundamentals
c. 50 round of live-fire drills to fine tune your skills
a. Want more drills?
b. A quick review of holster technique and safety
c. Live-fire drills to hone your draw skills
d. Students will get individual critiques to better their abilities
e. Students doing well will be challenged to their abilities
f. 100 rounds of live-fire drills to fine tune your defensive skills
g. Recommended for anyone who has taken Defensive Handgun Levels 1, 2, or 3
h. Prerequisites: Intermediate Handgun or Defensive Handgun Level 1 


*Important: Please purchase your seat in your preferred class/course as early as possible. Some courses have a maximum of 6 or 8 students, while other courses allow more. If a class/course does not have any students enrolled 24 hours prior to the class/course, that class/course will be removed completely. This allows for proper planning of instructor staff and logistics involved with the class. Thank you



If you need to rent a firearm prior to the class, it is imperative you show up early to ensure:

  1. The firearm that best-suits you is available
  2. You are not late for the class
  3. The front desk staff has enough time to supply you with the appropriate paperwork and enter you into the system, prior to the class.

If you bring ammunition, it MUST be brass-cased ammunition. If you are unsure what ammunition you are bringing, let the front desk staff know that you are unsure and they will check the ammunition to ensure you ONLY have brass-cased ammunition.


Happy Training!