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NRA’s Insurance Coverage for Gun Owners Causes Controversy – As Seen on WEAU

As seen in WEAU:

LAKE HALLIE, Wis. (WEAU) — The National Rifle Association is now offering insurance for gun owners, causing criticism from gun-control advocates and anti-violence groups.

The insurance would financially cover gun owners if they shoot someone. Carry Guard insurance was launched this past spring by the NRA. Policies offer coverage protection in both civil and criminal cases.

The NRA says it’s important to prepare for the responsibility of carrying a firearm but it’s also important to prepare for the aftermath of using one. They say insurance aids in that preparation but some believe, when it comes to preparation, insurance shouldn’t be the only focus.

“Its kind of a false positive in the world of guns. We have people that come in here that say well i’m getting the insurance so I'm good. That’s not the case at all,” says Dan Marcon, Owner at Marc-On Shooting in Lake Hallie.

Dan Marcon says for gun owners, training is key. “You want to prepare for it, mind and body both, in training and thought and what you’re gonna do and insurance is not going to help you with that,” he says.

While the NRA encourages this kind of insurance, there are some critics. Some even going as far as calling it murder insurance.

“The signal it sends to people is that when you inevitably have to use your gun to shoot somebody, have this insurance so that you will have some kind of protection. Its really an extension of the NRA’s stand your ground laws which have lead to a big increase in homicides,” says Igor Volsky, Director of Guns Down America.

Some Wisconsin lawmakers also reacting. “I think that the NRA selling insurance policy’s to gun owners is incredibly concerning. This is an organization that is promoting guns and encouraging us to have very lax gun laws and them selling this insurance is just an opportunity for them to profit off of it,” says Representative Lisa Subeck, of Madison Assembly District 78.

“Calling it murder insurance is for easier terms dumb. its insurance, its just that. it covers you for something that you do. Its like saying car insurance is murder insurance if you hit somebody in a cross walk. its not why we get it,” says Dan Marcon.

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