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Marcon Shooting Will Keep Selling Assault-Style Rifles – As Seen on WQOW

As Seen on WQOW:

The Florida school shooting is creating a lasting conversation about gun control. On Wednesday, it prompted Dick’s Sporting Goods to stop selling assault-style rifles.

Dan Marcon owns Marcon Shooting, and said he’s going to keep the assault-style rifles, but he calls them sport rifles. 

Gun advocates say AR-15’s aren’t assault rifles, becuase they don’t have the capability to switch between semi, automatic and burst firing modes. Marcon said they’re mainly used for hunting.

“People up here love them,” he said. “In this part of the country people hunt with them, they small game hunt with them, they target shoot with them. We allow them on our range. So, it’s a great thing. When the ladies shoot them, it really empowers them. It’s a fun gun to shoot there’s no kick.”

Marcon said he doesn’t agree with Dick’s decision to raise the minimum purchase age for come guns and magazines to 21. He said if someone is old enough to vote, or fight for their country, they should be allowed to buy a gun.