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Addressing safe gun storage

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By Tajma Hall
Published: Jul. 31, 2019 at 6:08 PM CDT

There are already many federal and state laws regarding firearms but some Wisconsin lawmakers are looking to add more requirements addressing safe gun storage.

One of the proposed bills would require businesses selling firearms to lock up all weapons at closing time. Another would require someone selling or transferring a firearm to provide the seller with a secure lockable container or trigger lock. The plan also addresses gun storage at home... Proposing owners be required to lock up their firearms if there are children living in the home or someone who cannot legally possess a firearm.

Marc-On Shooting in Lake Hallie sells firearms and provides training. Owner Dan Marcon is sharing some tips on safe gun storage.

"You have to have something that's immoveable. Most guns that are on the street come from home burglaries, they don't come from people burglarizing gun shops,” said Marcon.

He suggests gun owners buy a safe. Some options include a small one that you can bolt to the wall or bolt to the floor. He says there are a variety of options when it comes to firearm safe.

"There are safes out there that are as big as I am and they weigh 800, 900 pounds, those are great but not everyone has the means for that…but a nice $100 safe if you buy a $500 firearm, 100 dollar safe is well worth it and that you can use in your vehicle and in your home," he says.

Marcon says when it comes to firearm laws or gun ownership, the key to safety is education. He also has some advice for gun owners storing firearms in homes where children live. "For kids in the house, don't hide it... don't let them play with it obviously but show them, tell them what it is, at least tell them it's a very scary item and they're not supposed to touch it…they don't touch hot water pans…they don't touch firearms," he said.

The proposal for more gun storage requirements was unveiled for the first time during the last legislative session. It received a public hearing, but was never voted out of committee.