Retired Defensive Pistol Clinic


The dangerous reality is bad people will prey on those they feel are easy targets. Older citizens could become targeted by threats because they are the easiest to attack, steal their money and/or physically abuse. It is easier to protect yourself when you have the knowledge and experience, it is hardest when you do not. Gaining the education and learning different firing techniques will allow you to increase your skill and ability. Avoid becoming a victim by learning different techniques and increasing your skills today, to be better prepared when it may be needed tomorrow.

Class sizes are limited, so sign up early!

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The Retired Defensive Pistol Clinic is offered to those who are retired and/or available to attend on the first and second Monday of each month (Part I is offered on the first Monday and Part II concludes on the second Monday). Part I & Part II begins with presented information in the classroom by qualified instructors and then moves out onto the range to conduct the shooting evolutions, which is the predominant part of this Clinic.

This Clinic provides valuable information, such as:

  • Identifying & clearing malfunctions,
  • Situational Awareness
  • Single & Multiple target engagements
  • Strong/weak-hand firing
  • Shooting around obstructions (static/dynamic)
  • Movement techniques
  • Firing while moving (all directions)
  • Point-firing and much more.

Class sizes are limited, so sign up early! Start time: 1pm and is approximately 1.5-2 hours in length.

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Dates Available

April 1st & 8th @ 1:00pm, May 6th & 13th @ 1:00pm