Defensive Pistol Clinic


The Defensive Pistol Clinic offers classroom information on specific techniques and fundamentals, to be applied during the live-fire portion of the clinic. The majority of the clinic will be utilized on the range, performing various evolutions to fine-tune the skill of each participant. During a life-threatening situation is NOT the time to try and figure out how to survive.


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DO NOT WAIT until a dangerous situation presents itself to attempt to figure out how to solve it. Learn the techniques now to gain the knowledge, skills and needed practical guidance to avoid becoming a victim. This Clinic is designed for those who are comfortable with their firearm and have accomplished our Basic Pistol Level-1 course or a legitimate Basic Pistol marksmanship course by educated/certified instructor(s). Basic understanding and experience will be needed prior to attending this clinic.

This clinic is approximately 3 hours, to educate and elevate each participant’s knowledge and better elevate their abilities. This clinic equips each participant with the tools to utilize if they are ever faced with a life-threatening situation. Maximum capacity for this clinic is 5 seats to give each participant the needed guidance and attention they deserve, especially during the shooting portion (which is the majority of this clinic).

This clinic prepares participants with the knowledge, skills and enhanced marksmanship evolutions needed to adequately practice to become better shooters. With ongoing practice and increased abilities, this clinic prepares each participant with the needed skills to attend our Intermediate Pistol Level-2 Course. The Intermediate Pistol Level-2 course can be accomplished for private groups as a ‘Special Reserve’ (minimum of 6 to reserve) or during our regularly scheduled dates. Call, stop in or review the course description for the Intermediate Pistol Level-2 Course.

Defensive Pistol Clinic is a  2.5 – 3 hour clinic designed to start you on your path of becoming a SAFE, SKILLED & CONFIDENT defensive Shooter.

We will cover:

  • Safety
  • Sequence of a bullet
  • Ammunition malfunctions
  • Situational Awareness
  • Firing at silhouette(s)
  • One-handed accuracy
  • Using cover for protection
  • Movements & accuracy
  • Practice needed to improve skills

Gear Needed:

  • Pistol
  • Range safety items (Ear muffs, eye protection)
  • Notepad and writing utensil (for notes)
  • Motivation and desire to learn
  • Ability and confidence to ask questions


  • 50-100 rounds

COST:  $75

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Dates Available

August 9th @ 1:00pm