At Marc-On Shooting our goal is to provide our customers with a training program that advances their knowledge in a smart and safe manner. Our training program is designed to provide each participant with the needed education and skill-building practical exercises to build their proficiency, confidence and abilities in an organized fashion that makes sense. PLEASE read this information to better understand the program and to ensure all needed actions are followed to advance your knowledge in order to safely take your skills to the next level.


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Our training program is designed to provide maximum information and practical exercises to each participant in a safe manner. As we evolve our training program to advance the proficiency and confidence of each shooter, it has become an important requirement within this evolution to build leveled steps after each course. These steps have become a necessary step for the safety of each participant AND our staff, to ensure each attendee has gained the needed information in prior steps/courses, to safely attend the next level clinic or course.

IMPORTANT: Although we strive to stress the importance of practice, practice, practice into each and every person who attends our classes and seminars, the reality is we can never train too much, as it will never be quite enough. With this being said, many may believe that merely just attended a basic pistol level 1 course is enough to prepare them for the safe operation and firing of their firearm. Without consistent practice, your skills will diminish and disappear. This is highlighted by our need to create the needed steps between each course, to ensure each participant attends a clinic that will elevate their previously-learned knowledge and build up their skills with additional techniques and practical exercises. For those that carry concealed for defensive purposes, it is VITAL to understand that if practice is not conducted and more knowledge is not pursued, if ever placed into a life-threatening situation where you needed those advanced skills, the end result will not be a positive one.

The natural progression for each participant, if pursuing greater information (whether to advance their knowledge for their own knowledge or to build up their knowledge and abilities to properly defend themselves in a dangerous situation), will proceed as follows:


This course is vital for all first-time shooters, as well as ANY/ALL shooters who have never attended a formal basic pistol course (or anyone who attended a basic course many years prior). This course covers the important information regarding the fundamentals of marksmanship, which is the foundation of shooting, as well as important information regarding ammunition and malfunctions and storage. This is the base to build your information on.

Level 1 Clinic: STEP 1:
This clinic will be 1.5 hours and will build on the information gained in the Basic Pistol Level 1 Course. This Clinic will include target approach, target transitioning and slow paired shooting. This is the start towards advancing the skills and building the confidence needed to safely build ability.

Level 1 Clinic: STEP 2
This clinic will be 2 hours and (only) for those who have successfully attended/graduated from the Level 1 STEP 1 Clinic. Regardless of how long someone has been shooting or where they have been (i.e. military, law enforcement, etc.), everyone can benefit from these clinics and exceptions will not be made to advance an individual just because of what they have done in the past. This Clinic includes paired shooting with increased speed, point shooting techniques and its uses and strong-hand shooting. The successful completion of this course allows the participant to attend the STEP 3 Clinic.

Level 1 Clinic: STEP 3
This clinic is the final clinic of its series to properly prepare the candidate for the Intermediate Pistol Level 2 Course. This 2-hour clinic will introduce weak-hand firing, introduction to forward movement and firing around obstacles. This Clinic will highlight the needed training practices that each participant will need to pursue (firing on the range) to increase their abilities AND be properly prepared for the next level of training.

Intermediate Pistol Level 2 Course
This course is a 4-hour marksmanship course that requires the participants to successfully achieve each of the previously-mentioned levels prior to attending this course. This course builds up the knowledge and skills leaned in the previous Clinic steps and adds more-advanced information to continue increasing the knowledge of each participant. This course requires a strong side out of the waistband holster and a magazine pouch that holds at least 1 spare magazine. Successfully graduating from this course will allow each participant the eligibility to participate in the LEVEL 2 steps prior to attending the Advanced Defensive Level-3 Course.

Level 2 Clinic: Step 1
This Clinic is a 2 hour clinic that provides the participant with movement and firing, movement, firing and reloading, and movement while shooting and transitioning from target to target. This is required prior to attending the Level 2 Clinic Step 2.

Level 2 Clinic: Step 2
This 2-hour clinic will include information and practical exercises of firing through obstructions, movement to cover while firing, and kneeling to movement to cover while firing techniques. This is required prior to attending the Level 2 Clinic Step 3.

Level 2 Clinic: Step 3
This 2-hour clinic will include firing from a ground position, grip choices and adjustments for close quarters or confined area-firing, as well as forward and reverse movements while firing accurately. This is required prior to attending the Advanced Defensive Pistol Level 3 Course

This organized program is created to ensure safe and appropriate training is being conducted for each participant and that all participants pursued furthering their education and practical skills in order to attend the next step of building their knowledge. Regardless of ones background or stated skill level, who taught them or what classes they have attended elsewhere, or how long they have been hunting or target shooting, each participant will proceed through this program as designed for their safety and the safety of our staff.

Please direct any/all questions by calling into the Range and discussing this with the owner, Dan Marcon.

The Rifle program will not be as expansive as the pistol program, but will be organized in a manner that benefits the students for a safe and skill-building experience, while building the skill level of each participant.


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