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Situational Awareness Seminar: Home and Personal Safety

Situational Awareness Seminar: Home and Personal Safety

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IMPORTANT: Training Program Information

It is a dangerous world we currently live in, and many prefer NOT to know what deadly events are occurring around them. The old saying: “Ignorance is bliss,” may be appropriate for some subjects, but situational awareness is not one of those subjects. Bad things happen, and we cannot predict when those bad things will occur, nor can we predict where, but we can pursue the needed-information to become better prepared IF and/or WHEN it happens.

This Situational Awareness: Home and Personal Safety Seminar provides each participant with vital information to become more knowledgeable AND more aware of their habits and surroundings. This 4-hour / $75 seminar lays the safety-foundation for each participant to build their knowledge.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Color code of awareness
  • Recommended awareness levels
  • Identification of possible threats
  • Spotting a hidden weapon
  • Survival response
  • Emergency protocol
  • Personal safety items
  • Knowing your home
  • Interior/exterior security
  • Social Media security
  • Commercial transportation
  • Vehicle security
  • Much more…


  • NONE
  •  VITAL: Clinic/Class begins on time. Late arrivals will not be allowed access to the clinic/class and deferred to another scheduled class/clinic. Emergencies/problems occur and arrivals past a certain point (for some classes) would lost vital information and could result in injury or worse, depending on the class/information. Please plan accordingly to arrive early (especially if you are having to rent a firearm for the specific class or course).