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Situational Awareness Seminar: Work & Travel Safety

Situational Awareness Seminar: Work & Travel Safety

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IMPORTANT: Training Program Information

We currently live during a time of revolutionary technological advancements and decreased situational awareness. Too many people are entirely focused on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops, rather than the world around them. This increases the likelihood of becoming helpless if a situation were to turn dangerous or deadly. The more aware you are, the more prepared you are to act quickly and appropriately to safely get out of that dangerous situation (or successfully defend yourself).

This seminar was specifically created to provide a platform of information and education to those who have the desire to learn and want to avoid becoming the victim. This will also provide the motivation and drive to learn more about the hazards that exist that could put them and their loved ones in harm's way. The Marc-On training programs are specifically designed to empower those who are proactive about their own personal safety with the knowledge and increased skills needed to survive.

This Situational Awareness Seminar is approximately 4 hours and encompasses:

  • Basic situational awareness
  • The color-code of awareness
  • ‘How to’ of awareness
  • How to increase visual awareness & retention abilities
  • Terroristic Threats
  • The ‘It will never happen to me’ delusion
  • Domestic Terrorism: Response
  • What is the ‘Fatal Funnel’
  • Keeping yourself safe
  • What to do if attacked
  • Traveling tips
  • Developing a personal protection lifestyle
  • ‘What if’ drills
  • Traveling/Working outside the U.S.
  • Planning
  • At work safety and Security
  • And much more!


  • NONE
  •  VITAL: Clinic/Class begins on time. Late arrivals will not be allowed access to the clinic/class and deferred to another scheduled class/clinic. Emergencies/problems occur and arrivals past a certain point (for some classes) would lost vital information and could result in injury or worse, depending on the class/information. Please plan accordingly to arrive early (especially if you are having to rent a firearm for the specific class or course).