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Intermediate Pistol - Level 2 Course

Intermediate Pistol - Level 2 Course

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IMPORTANT: Training Program Information

At Marc-On Shooting, we offer an Intermediate Pistol Level-2 course. This class is taught by highly qualified instructors that have had years of training and are proficient in the instruction and handling of handguns in defensive situations.

This course advances the knowledge of students by building on the information each student obtained from the Basic Pistol Course- Level 1 and the Step clinics. This course incorporates the education needed to properly achieve specific actions and results with a handgun, such as: firing from a covered area, successful holster draws, engaging multiple targets, and much more.

This course requires a strong-side (right side holster for right-handed shooters) OWB (out of the waistband) holster, magazine pouch, and 100-200 rounds of brass-cased ammunition (available at the range for purchase). Bring your own firearm and magazines to this course or you can rent one of ours, we have numerous to choose from. The rental cost will be approximately $30 for the firearm.

This course is to advance the knowledge and abilities of each shooter with their personal firearm and will require repetitive actions in and out of the holster, as well as firing at specified targets. It would be encouraged for each shooter to have in their possession a firearm they are comfortable operating, to build up proficiency and experience with the same firearm they intend to carry or practice with. We are always available for firearm consultation and recommendations, to guide you in the proper direction that benefits you the most. Class sizes are limited to 5 so sign up early! Walk-in seats not guaranteed.

This class is designed to advance you to the next level of shooting. This will use the fundamentals taught in the Basic Pistol – Level 1, while adding using a holster, multiple target engagements, stress, firing from cover and holster draws.

In this class you will learn:

  • A brief recap of the Basic Pistol – Level 1 Course.
  • The difference in holsters, purses, and carry gear.
  • How to do administrative loads, tactical reloads, as well as speed reloads.
  • How to safely and effectively draw your weapon from your holster.
  • Speed and target acquisition while engaging multiple targets.
  • How to handle weapon malfunctions.
  • The basic fundamentals of moving and shooting.
  • You will be shooting at least 200 rounds with a qualified instructor.
  • Must complete level 2 course of fire to earn the level 2 graduation certificate.

Prerequisites- Basic Introduction to Pistol – Level 1 graduation certificate and successful completion of Steps 1-3. It is imperative to practice every technique taught during the defensive training program, including basic marksmanship, prior to signing up for the Level 2 Intermediate course. Inability to safely accomplish techniques will result in removal from the firing line. Safety is paramount, especially in advanced firearm courses.

You WILL need to have:
-A firearm (show up early to rent one but at this stage you should already have a firearm you have been using to advance your skills taught to you throughout the program)
-2-3 magazines
-Magazine Pouch (to hold two magazines)
-STURDY belt (a flimsy belt will only be a hindrance when trying to 'perfect' ones draw repetitively)
-200 rounds of brass-cased ammunition (may shoot less...quality over quantity)
-Close-toed shoes/sneakers (comfortable is best)
-Hearing protection (Can get  a set at the range if needed)
-Eye protection (can get a set at the range if needed)
-Notepad and writing utensil (always recommended)

Class Length: 3-4 hours

 VITAL: Clinic/Class begins on time. Late arrivals will not be allowed access to the clinic/class and deferred to another scheduled class/clinic. Emergencies/problems occur and arrivals past a certain point (for some classes) would lost vital information and could result in injury or worse, depending on the class/information. Please plan accordingly to arrive early (especially if you are having to rent a firearm for the specific class or course).