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PISTOL: Home Defense Clinic “B” DYNAMIC

PISTOL: Home Defense Clinic “B” DYNAMIC

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IMPORTANT: Training Program Information


*You MUST complete Home Defense Clinic A before attending this course.*

Home Defense Clinic “B” DYNAMIC:
Home Defense Clinic “A” STATIC is necessary prior to allow access into this Clinic due to the higher level of safety and stress involved in moving and shooting. This Clinic may sound daunting and ‘advanced’ to those who may not have the confidence they would desire behind their firearm, but it is designed for ALL skill levels. It will be challenging, difficult, and somewhat stressful, but so is becoming the target of a home invasion, burglary, or assault while in the safety of your own home.

Home Defense Clinic “B” DYNAMIC is a short clinic designed to provide valuable survival information to individuals who desire to defend their home against a home invasion, or harmful attempts against them and/or their family. These techniques are designed to educate the individual with vital information needed to provide the participant to reassess their ‘defense plan’ when they return home. By bringing the education to their home, each person can formulate a workable plan while in a neutral environment (no stress/fear or anxiety), thus allowing them to better protect themselves against an attacker if/when it was to occur.

ONLY 8 participants MAX will be allowed access to this clinic. This is to ensure each participant receives appropriate training and experience with the tactics/information being taught.

Techniques that will be taught during this clinic include:
- Moving forward while engaging target
- Moving rearward while engaging target
- Stepping outwards and engaging target
- Introduction to stepping out from behind cover while using a flashlight and engaging the target.

The instructor will have a flashlight available for each participant to utilize for this training. Participants have the option to have the same flashlight ordered at the range upon the conclusion of the clinic.

[Clinic begins at 6 PM and concludes at 7:30 PM]

Equipment Needed:
- Firearm (one can rent a firearm at the range if needed, but show up early to have a firearm in hand, ready at training start).
- 1 box of ammunition (50 rounds of BRASS CASED AMMO-an entire box of ammunition may not be shot during clinic)
- Hearing protection (muffs are required. If you don’t have any, you can rent them prior to the clinic start)
- Eye protection (if you wear glasses and can extend your arm and successfully focus at your fingertip, those glasses will work perfectly. If no glasses, rental glasses are available prior to the clinic)
- Comfortable walking shoes (no open-toe shoes/sandals)


THIS CLINIC will ALWAYS begin at 6 PM. Late arrivals will NOT be allowed to enter the group due to the amount of information being provided and the need to ensure all participants have adequate trigger-time behind their pistols. This clinic contains information that is vital to the safety of all and is not something that anyone could/should walk into late. It is unfair for those participants who arrive early enough to rent firearms, obtain their ammunition, hearing protection, and eye protection, in order for the clinic to begin at exactly 6 PM. Walking through the doors at Mar-Con Shooting at exactly 6 pm means you are late and will not be allowed access into this clinic.