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[COMING SOON] Advanced Defensive Pistol Level-3 Course [Real Life Training (RLT)]

[COMING SOON] Advanced Defensive Pistol Level-3 Course [Real Life Training (RLT)]

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IMPORTANT: Training Program Information

Advanced Defensive Pistol Level-3 Course requires each participant to have attended the Level 1 (basic) and Level 2 (Intermediate) Courses. If the participant has proven their proficiency level as equivalent to those who successfully passed the Level 1 course, the attendance in Level 1 may be waived (up to Staff discretion), however successful completion of the Level 2 course is mandatory. This is for the protection of the other students, Range Safety Officers, and the Instructors.

This course will build on information and experience from the Level 2 course and expound on certain topics to elevate the knowledge of each student. Movement will be required from each participant and accommodations can be made for those with impairments of disabilities. Please call ahead or show up to the range to discuss your situation if you are unsure of what may be required of you.

This is NOT a beginner course. This course will introduce you to advanced shooting techniques. Our Pistol Course is a 6-8 hour course designed to build on the fundamentals of marksmanship, while educating each participant on techniques, movements, and defensive tactics. We hope no one will ever need these skills, however, in today’s society the dangers are many and it is always better to have the skill and never need it than to need the skill but do not have it.

We will cover:

  • Safety
  • Proper drawing techniques
  • Proper reloading techniques in different situations
  • Moving
  • Using a laser
  • Multiple target engagement
  • Shooting on the move
  • Weak hand shooting and reloading
  • Correct use of cover and concealment
  • Shooting from multiple positions
  • Low light shooting conditions
  • and much more

Gear Needed:

  • Ear and eye protection (sunglasses, prescription glasses, or safety glasses. Foam earplugs will be provided)
  • Shooting belt, magazine pouch(s), minimum of 3 magazines
  • Inside the waistband holster (crossbreed style) or paddle needed. No ankle holsters, shoulder holsters, cross draw and off-body holsters (purses/fanny packs) are not allowed.
  • Pistol in a case on arrival.


  • 400 rounds minimum