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Basic Pistol - Level 1 Course

Basic Pistol - Level 1 Course

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IMPORTANT: Training Program Information

This class will introduce the basic fundamentals of both revolvers and semi-automatic handguns, and is designed for beginners and those looking for a refresher on proper safety and shooting techniques.

Cost: $75, which includes ear and eye protection, target, and the opportunity to shoot 50 rounds in our state-of-the-art range with a qualified instructor. (Ammunition not included)

You will need to either rent a pistol or bring one with you (in a case) for this course. You will have to qualify with 50 rounds at the conclusion of the course.  If you need to rent one, please show up early to complete the paperwork so the class can begin on time.

Rentals are available for an additional charge; however, class participants receive a 20% discount on the rental.

In this class you will learn:

  • Basic gun handling and range safety.
  • The difference between revolvers and semi-automatic handguns, including the parts and mechanics of each.
  • How to properly operate your firearm including loading and unloading, as well as breaking down, cleaning, and reassembling your weapon.
  • Proper grip, stance, sight alignment and trigger squeeze.
  • Necessary gear and accessories, storage options, and ammunition selection.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Graduation Certificate and a coupon for a discount on future classes, providing the student qualifies on the range.

NOTE: Renting a firearm and the 50 rounds needed for this class is NOT included in the price of the class. 

 VITAL: Clinic/Class begins on time. Late arrivals will not be allowed access to the clinic/class and deferred to another scheduled class/clinic. Emergencies/problems occur and arrivals past a certain point (for some classes) would lost vital information and could result in injury or worse, depending on the class/information. Please plan accordingly to arrive early (especially if you are having to rent a firearm for the specific class or course).