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Special Techniques: 1-Hour Basic Pistol Clinic

Special Techniques: 1-Hour Basic Pistol Clinic

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[! CALL or STOP in to reserve your seat. ONLY 4 seats each Class !]

Marc-On Shooting is now offering 1-hour technique clinics for the Pistol, which will involve skills not normally discussed during any of the regular courses (steps, courses, or clinics). Some information is touched on during some clinics, but each technique clinic will be an in-depth discussion and practical application.

Pistol Techniques Classes occur on the 1st and 3rd (sometimes the 5th as well) Wednesday of each month:
10 a.m.: Standing, shooting around corners, strong-side & support-side
11:15 a.m.: Kneeling, shooting around corners, strong-side & support-side.
12:30 p.m.: Parallel movement, strong-side shooting.
1:45 p.m.: Oblique movement, strong-side shooting.
3 p.m.: Parallel movement, support-side shooting.

Covered position/STANDING: Learning where to safely stand to minimize your profile in a defensive situation can make the difference between being safe while able to shoot, or being too exposed and having to shoot to survive.

Covered position/KNEELING: Teaches the fundamentals of the kneeling position to teach each participant how the fundamentals matter for stability AND possible mobility options. It is better to learn it and practice it than to try and figure it out when faced with a defensive situation!

Oblique movement: Any/all movement takes learning how to move and incorporate added techniques to ensure accurate impacts in the desired area(s).  Many take movement for granted because we walk daily and do not need to be taught how to, but when you add increased difficulty (such as accurately/safely shooting at your target) and many people realize there are techniques that are overlooked but should be learned.

SPECIAL NOTE: Those who have their CCW (Conceal Carry License) get a discount on these clinics. This is a special motivation to come to learn techniques that apply to real-world situations and not Hollywood-esque belief.

The classes are small, up to 4 participants for each clinic and you must call or come into the range to schedule/lock in the clinic(s) you are interested in. Since it is a first-come/first-serve reservation, payment for the clinic will need to occur the day of reserving your seat and because seating is limited, refunds may not be available if you do not show up. CLASS WILL START ON TIME, EVERY TIME. Lateness will exclude you from the clinic.

If you cannot make a scheduled clinic that you reserved and you call the range well in advance (48 hours plus), you may be able to be shifted to another clinic. This means you should call as soon as you identify you will not be able to attend, do not wait until the last minute.

You will not need an OTW (out of the waistband) holster, but it will make it easier for the applicant (and if you go through the other classes and steps, Level 2 Intermediate Course does require an OTW holster and mag pouch for reloading and drawing).

COST: $45 per person ($40 per person with valid CCW)

AMMO: 1 box of ammunition (brass cased) (may not shoot all 50 rounds)

PAY ATTENTION TO THE TRAINING CALENDAR: If a class/seminar does not have participants enrolled within 24 hours (the regular schedule classes), 2-3 of these specialty 1-hour clinics will take their place. THIS is why you want to reserve what you can because Saturdays can/will highlight/repeat the clinics from the previous Wednesday.

[Pistol Techniques run 1st, 3rd, & 5th Wednesday of each month, AR Rifle Techniques run 2nd & 4th Wednesday]