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Pistol Level 1: Step 1 & 2 Combination Course

Pistol Level 1: Step 1 & 2 Combination Course

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IMPORTANT: Training Program Information

These two steps have been combined to bring convenience to those who have proven themselves committed to increasing their skills and abilities after taking the Basic Pistol Level 1 course, by practicing their marksmanship skills frequently at our range. Steps 1 & 2 incorporate new techniques to the shooter, with safety always being at the forefront of everything you do.

Steps 1 & 2 are required prior to attending the Basic Pistol Level 1-Step 3 course. It is vital to remember that merely attending these courses alone will not make an expert out of you, you MUST practice in order to increase your skill with anything and this is no different.

Take the necessary time to practice what you have learned in each class before signing up for the next step. This will benefit you the most, otherwise, you are learning skills that are more advanced than your current abilities and could result in personal harm (to you or others).

This combination course will be 3-4 hours and requires the Basic Pistol Level 1 course to have been completed prior to attending the Step classes. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of practicing the techniques learned in each class, to improve your abilities with marksmanship and the attitude needed to increase each skill learned. Practicing is the only way to increase one's skill level. Practicing twice a month ‘could’ maintain your skills, but depending on the length of time you practice, it may not increase your skills.

Skill building is essential prior to attending courses designed to advance each person. Attending without practicing only hinders others in the class around you. This becomes unfair to the other students, the staff, and yourself.

Understand that Basic Pistol Level 1-Step 3 introduces movement while shooting. This increases the danger and complexity of each shooter and highlights why it is important to practice each skill as often as possible prior to attending each level of education. Some may ‘think’ they can move and fire their pistol, but they forget that accuracy is a necessity, especially since these skills build each person towards learning defensive skills needed to protect themselves. Moving and impacting a target in the intended spot is extremely difficult and does require a lot of practice (without ammunition at home).

Information covered:

  • Safety
  • Ammunition and malfunctions
  • Target approach (with different targets)
  • Transitioning between targets
  • Strong-side shooting introduction
  • Point shooting introduction and application
  • Paired shooting
  • And more….

Gear needed:

  • Pistol (show up early if you need to rent a pistol)
  • Earmuffs (required)
  • Eye protection (required)
  • Notebook/paper and writing utensil
  • Motivation to learn
  • Ability and confidence to ask questions!

Ammunition: 50-100 rounds of BRASS-CASED ammunition

NOTE: Pistol rental AND ammunition cost is NOT included in the price.